Cook units are designed to be a high volume out put for 1500-3500 meals per day (with a simple menu), but convenient enough to serve short order demands if required. Good chefs can do this successfully! The combination of 2 side serving doors, steam tables, walk up access height and combination of appliances allow both to be achieved from the same unit.

Lease periods are 3 months min. (usually) and a first, last and security deposit is required. Monthly (28 days) invoices start at the first 28 day month, and is due in 10 days. This schedule continues until the end of lease period.

Cleaning Deposit
A $4,000 dollar cleaning deposit is required and is totally refundable if the unit is returned (in the same condition as delivered). Good chefs take pride in cleaning the equipment weekly, however neither of us know what level of cleaning your hired cooks have.

Wind, fire, liability and hazard is required in the amount of $225,000 per unit.

Connection Requirements
- 100 amps of 1p is needed per unit. (add refrigeration needs)
- Some units require 200 amps of 3 phase elec power.
- 3/4 inch fresh water supply
- 3 inch waste water line to a suitable location (local inspectors may require a grease trap) if a permanent grease trap is not in operation.
- 2 100 lb LP Tanks are standard equipment/ with the unit for emergencies, but we highly suggest that 2 400 lb LP tanks be leased and stationed near the unit for your regular LP gas source. Permanent gas lines, in place are even better.
- Hurricane tie downs are required every 6 feet and on a unit and brackets are pre attached.

Extra Refrigeration
- Extra refrigeration is available in the form of (On Ground) walkin refrigerators / freezers of sizes 8x10 or 8x20. Other sizes available in some locations!



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