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Mobile Kitchens Solutions Inc. Is a leasing company that provides portable, industrial cooking facilities to schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, sports events, disasters and emergencies, construction support and unusual high food volume requirements.

We are quick and relatively easy to install. In fact, if utility connections are in place and available, you can be cooking in hours. Lease periods are usually 3 months to a several years, based on your requirements, contact us with your needs! Cook units are designed to be a high volume out put for 1500-3500 meals per day (with a simple menu), but convenient enough to serve short order demands if required. Good chefs can do this successfully! The combination of 2 side serving doors, steam tables, walk up access height and combination of appliances allow both to be achieved from the same unit.


Offices in W. Palm Beach, Florida - (561) 790 - 5945

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Mobile Kitchens Solutions, Inc. - "Flames For Cooking Wherever You Need Them"